Flagler County unveils Transparency Dashboards to keep residents informed about operations

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May 8, 2023 – Flagler County unveiled its new Transparency Dashboards created in response to value commitment – Putting Flagler F.I.R.S.T. – as outlined in the 2022 Strategic Plan. The presentation focused on the T, which stands for Transparent Government

Deputy County Administrator Jorge Salinas made the presentation Monday at the regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners and explained the entire acronym: Fiscal Accountability, Innovative Solutions, Responsible Growth, Superior Service, and Transparent Government. These shape the four strategic focus areas – Effective Government, Economic Vitality, Growth & Infrastructure, and Public Health & Safety.

“Under Effective Government, which has a measure … the county will create a dashboard to engage and inform the citizens the progress toward established goals,” Salinas said, noting that this project meets that measure. “There are nine ‘cards’ and an email address (transparency@flaglercounty.gov) for questions.”

The dashboards are easily accessible at www.flaglercounty.gov/data.

There is one card for each of the following assets: Strategic Plan dashboard; the full Strategic Plan PDF; Operating Reserves; Flagler County 2/12th Reserves; the Florida Scorecard Flagler County Metrics; Where do my taxes go; Budget in Brief; Annual Report; and, the Board of County Commissioners Monthly Update.

Salinas demonstrated the Strategic Plan dashboard, clicked on the Effective Government focus area and then on the “Where do my taxes go?” card that provides an individualized breakdown of the services funded through the Flagler County millage, or property tax, based on the address or parcel number provided.

“This is our first Strategic Plan dashboard for Flagler County,” he said as he explained the legend and noted that not every measure had met its target. “We are still working through the objectives and measures of the Strategic Plan that was approved in October 2022.”

Clicking on any of the metrics calls up a window that shows a bar graph of the progress, as well as an opportunity to read a short analysis, find out its importance, and link to additional information when available.

“This is really a step in the right direction for Flagler County to do a better job telling its story,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito. “There is so much great information right at your fingertips, and presented in an easy to understand format.”

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By Julie Murphy

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