Next 10 Weeks of Dune Restoration to Extend from Beverly Beach to Varn Park

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Dune restoration work for the next 10 weeks – weather permitting – will extend from Beverly Beach to Varn Park as part of Flagler County’s ongoing emergency sand operations.

“The contractor is staging operations from Varn Park, but the work they will be conducting will start at the southern project end and progress north,” said County Engineer Faith Alkhatib. “There will be a steady stream of dump trucks and heavy equipment in the park, so the park is closed to allow us to keep the job site as safe as possible.”

Beachgoers are asked to be particularly cautious in that roughly 2.6-mile area when trucks are in the area moving and shaping sand.

“Please keep an eye on your young children and dogs,” Alkhatib said. “Our smaller loved ones can be very quick. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Beachfront residents are asked to move debris – large and small – from in front of their properties.

“We are not allowed to cover large debris,” Alkhatib said. “Additionally, in order to avoid any damage to private walkovers, the contractor will be placing sand next to any that appear to be unstable. Property owners will be allowed to spread and grade the sand underneath and around the walkover and stairs.”

Those who live in Painter’s Hill should know that the dune restoration project will extend from the first house south of Varn Park through the Town of Beverly Beach. Emergency sand will only be placed in front of houses – not in front of undeveloped lots unless it fills a gap in between two adjacent houses and is not in front of seawalls.

Alkhatib noted that this project is for emergency sand only, and that the Engineering Department is working on a larger dune and beach restoration project that will be designed and permitted to rebuild the beach and dune in the future.

The emergency sand project calls for 6 cubic yards to added to the dunes, plus plantings – an estimated 70,037 tons of sand over the 2.6 miles.

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By Kim Hunt

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